class1 [ klæs ] noun ***
▸ 1 students taught together
▸ 2 group in society
▸ 3 group of things/people
▸ 4 standard of service
▸ 5 group in a competition
▸ 6 style/ability/skill
▸ 7 university degree level
1. ) count a group of students who are taught together:
Do you like the other kids in your class?
My biology teacher is taking our class to the Boston Aquarium.
a ) count or uncount a period of time during which a group of students is taught together:
I have classes all afternoon.
in class: We had to write an essay in class.
a Spanish/math/science etc. class: I'll be in my French class at noon.
b ) count a series of classes in a particular subject:
I go to my art class on Mondays.
You could join an exercise class at your local health club.
take a class: I've started taking classes at the community college.
teach a class: Since getting her degree in 1986, she has taught English classes for adults.
c ) count usually singular a group of people who finish a course of study together in the same year:
He attended his class reunion at Cornell University.
the class of '64/'81/1995 etc.: He graduated with the class of '87.
2. ) count one of the groups into which people in a society are divided according to their family background, education, job, or income:
Garcia is a candidate who appeals to people of all classes.
Craftsmen of the period clearly belonged to a lower-middle class.
a social class: Women from all social classes attend the courses.
a ) uncount the existence of differences that cause people to be divided into different social groups:
social class: the relationship between social class and educational achievement
a class system: A rigid class system still prevails throughout the country.
3. ) count a group of things, animals, or people with similar features or qualities:
class of: The race has competitions for ten classes of boat.
a ) Class A/B/C etc. used for showing which group something belongs to, according to how much of a particular quality or feature it has:
Class B explosives
4. ) count one of the standards of service available to someone traveling by train, airplane, etc.:
A man sitting in first class started the argument.
5. ) count one of the groups into which people are divided in a competition:
Andrews won her class by a massive 10-minute margin.
6. ) uncount INFORMAL the natural ability to choose the best thing or behave in the most appropriate way in every situation:
I'll say this much for him: he's got class.
7. ) count BRITISH one of the levels that a university degree qualification is divided into according to how well you do in your final examinations. The levels are first class, second class, and third class.
be in a class of your/its own
to be much better than anyone or anything else:
When it comes to exciting cities, New York is in a class of its own.
be in a different class (from)
if a person or thing is in a different class from other similar things, it is much better than the other things
not be in the same class (as)
if two people or things are not in the same class, one is much better than the other
class 2 [ klæs ] verb transitive often passive
to include someone or something in a particular group because they have similar features or qualities:
be classed as something: She is now classed as a professional athlete.

Usage of the words and phrases in modern English. 2013.

(of persons) / (as of pupils pursuing the same studies) / (of animate or inanimate objects, including orders, genera, and species), / , , , , , , , , , , ,

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